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When a Man Becomes Your Boyfriend

When He Becomes Your Boyfriend

Through my travels abroad I’ve had quite a few relationships. I’m always open when getting involved with anyone that it’s not going to be long term as I’m only in a certain country for a 4 months up to a year, no longer. I used to write much more about relationships in the past, particularly when my “how to tell if a guy likes you” post blew up and I was getting thousand and thousands of women A DAY to that single page.

I sort of stumbled into being a dating coach for women – I’m not. I’m a man who understands men and a sort of funny question I got from that time was some long email talking to me about “my boyfriend this, my boyfriend that” and it’s those long, stream of consious emails I got that inspired this short post on how to know if you have a serious boyfriend because A LOT of women have no idea that the man they think they’re in a relationship with may not actually feel the same.

Anyways, with that out of the way –

Look, a man is either playing with you, or he is planning with you. Playing with you simply means he likes you, but does not see a future. He enjoys your company, sex, and spending time with you. In his heart however, he is not committed to you. You may be tricked into thinking otherwise, because he is nice to you and you do have good times together, but really he is just stringing you along.

The man that is planning with you is much like the guy that is playing with you, but is different because he is definitely looking at you a someone who could potentially become his fiance, wife, and maybe even the mother of his children. Hence, he is planning for the future… and you’re in it! It is really simple to know if he is your boyfriend or not actually.

Just answer me these questions:

1 – He reserves Friday and Saturday nights with you. Meaning it is expected that you two will be spending time together on one of these nights.

2 – He calls himself your boyfriend OR he calls you his girlfriend.

3 – Sleeps with you regularly. Regularly means consistent. If it is twice a week it stays twice a week.

4 – Talks about the future with you. Moving in together, having children, making plans to go on that trip to Costa Rica in the summer.

5 – Calls, texts, or Facebooks you once a day. Meaning you have constant contact with him in some way, every day.

6 – When he does call: asking you, “when he can see you again” is part of his phone agenda, in addition to listening how your shopping trip went (oh fun).

7 – He makes it crystal clear that he does not want you seeing anyone else.

8 – He says I LOVE YOU.

If it’s been more than 6 months and he’s not doing most of these things on this list, you don’t have a boyfriend. You’re a plate to spin, a side girl, an option while he focuses on either someone else or himself.

I could go on, but really I would just be belaboring the point needlessly.

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